Rules Regulations


The competition will take place in Verona – ITALY, organized by SALIERI DANZA,

Sunday  1st May 2022,  at the Teatro Nuovo located in Piazza Viviani, 10  a Verona (ITALY)



The competition consists of  2 sections :

 in the morning (Modern, Jazz, Contemporany)  and  in the afternoon (Classical and Neoclassical)

Each section is divided by age into 4 categories:

BABY : till 9 years old

STUDENT: from 10 to 12 years

JUNIOR: from 13 to 15 years

SENIOR: from 16 up


Only for GROUPS of any section follow this table for dancers of different ages by their category:

Number competitors

Number Out Fee

3 dancer  0

from 4  to 6 dancers     1

from 7  to 10 dancers   2

from 11 to 14 dancers  3

from 15 to 18 dancers  4

from 19 dancers


The competition consists of dancers with the following configuration:

• SOLO only 1 component

• PAS DE DEUX / DUO 2 components

• GROUP 3 components on


The  registration is only by online form

For each choreography you have to fill in each online form 

Each school, association or group can participate in multiple sections with the same dancers (but with

different choreographies)


Only for those who have problems with online payment there will be the possibility to make a transfer after agreement of the management by bank  to :

Associazione SALIERI DANZA

IBAN: IT 25 J 05034 11711 00000000 8416

Swiftcode: BAPPIT21047 

Registrations for the International Salieri Danza  Competition will close on 25 April 2022


Registration fees for each category of each section are:

• SOLIST € 70.00

• PAS DE DEUX / DUO € 120.00

• GROUP €  220.00  from 3  to  20  dancers maximum 

Registration fees are not refundable under any circumstances. In the event of failure to reach a minimum

number of participants, the organizers reserve the right to combine and / or eliminate categories.

We do not accept registrations without full documentation.


Each contestant may submit one or more choreographic compositions whose duration shall not exceed:

SOLIST 3 minutes

PAS DE DEUX / DUO 3 minutes

pas de deux (Adagio and Coda) from classical repertoire maintain the original time

GROUPS  5 minutes


The themes of the choreography are believed to be free; costumes for use in choreography are believed to

be free but decent; the dance mat must be kept clean by the participants. And 'forbidden the use of talcum

powder on the stage and on the body, the use of fire, candles or liquids. On stage will be introduced only

objects that are part of the set design and choreography running, installed and removed by the participants

themselves or their employees (for easy transport and not cluttered).


Candidates should send the music files by wetransfer to by specifying the :

Title of the Choreography;

Name of the Group or School;

Name of the Choreographer or Teacher and Section and Category belonging to the choreography.

Only one person is allowed to attend for each participating school or association by the theater studio.

The Salieri Danza Association will not recognize choreographies any rights.





For each discipline will be awarded the following prizes :

Section Classic - Neo Classical - Modern - Jazz – Contemporary



• 1st Prize Trophy

• 2nd Prize Trophy

• 3rd prize Trophy

Pas de Deux

• 1st Prize Trophy

• 2nd Prize Trophy

• 3rd prize Trophy


• 1st Prize Trophy

• 2nd Prize Trophy

• 3rd prize trophy



• 1st Prize Trophy

• 2nd Prize Trophy

• 3rd prize Trophy

Pas de Deux

• 1st Prize Trophy

• 2nd Prize Trophy

• 3rd prize Trophy


• 1st Prize Trophy 

• 2nd Prize Trophy

• 3rd prize trophy



• 1st Prize Trophy + € 150

• 2nd Prize Trophy 

• 3rd prize Trophy 

Pas de Deux

• 1st Prize Trophy + € 150

• 2nd Prize Trophy 

• 3rd prize Trophy


• 1st Prize Trophy + € 200

• 2nd Prize Trophy 

• 3rd prize Trophy



• 1st Prize Trophy + € 150

• 2nd Prize Trophy + € 100

• 3rd Prize Trophy 

Pas de Deux

• 1st Prize Trophy + € 150

• 2nd Prize Trophy+ € 100

• 3rd Prize Trophy


• 1st Prize Trophy + € 200

• 2nd Prize Trophy + € 150

• 3rd Prize Trophy



During the competition will be awarded the following SCHOLARSHIPS and AWARDS according to the

discretion of the jury:

•    Elmhurst Ballet School Birmngham -   (ENGLAND)

•    Ballet School Opera House Rome   - (ITALY)

•    Ballet School Teatro San Carlo Naples   - (ITALY)

•    Ballet School Teatro Carcano Milan    (ITALY)

•     National Academy Rome   - Rome  (ITALY)

•     Summer Course  - Balletto di Verona - Verona  - (ITALY)

The jury reserves the right not to award prizes in the absence of worthy competitors. In the case of "ex

aequo", the prize money is divided among the winners.

Each winner will receive a trophy.

The scholarships are offered kindly and personally awarded by the jury to the participants from their

deemed worthy regardless of the results of the competition.


The ranking and voting of the jury are final. The competition does not provide presets. Each judge is called

upon to express their opinion at the end of each performance.

The judges may terminate and / or to repeat performances if they consider it appropriate for the purposes

of judgment. The complete results will be published on the site:


The stage is 11 meters wide and 10 meters deep.

The lineup of the competition will be published on the site three days before the event.

There are not stage rehersal


The photographic and audiovisual competition is ensured by the organization and is therefore the sole

property of the same. During the entire event will be absolutely forbidden to take photographs or

television coverage of any kind. Each entrant or his deputy, upon enrollment waiver of any copyright of

representation, to any compensation for their participation in the competition and in fact authorizes the

organization to acquire and use their image to promotional and informational purposes only authorized by

the legislation in force.


The participants who or for them, take responsibility for their own physical fitness. The organization

accepts no liability for damage to persons or property that may occur during the various stages of the

event, whether suffered or caused by people participating in the competition.


Candidates who sign the form, accept unreservedly all articles of this regulation at every point and content

and take notice.


The organization employs the right to cancel a section of the competition or the entire event if there is a

proven force majeure. In this case, the registration fee will be returned


Please note that entry to the Teatro Nuovo  for people aged 12 and over is allowed only upon presentation of the "reinforced Green Pass" (we mean the COVID-19 green certification certifying the anti-Sars-Cov vaccination 2 or recovery from Covid-19 infection or medical exemption). It is also mandatory to wear the FFP2 mask throughout the theater, with the exception of the stage during the performance



Any dispute will be settled by the Court of Verona