Salieri Danza 

10^   International Dance Competition  
   sunday  1st  May  2022  

To Salieri Danza  Competition


The balletinternationalcompetition Salieri Danza was born in 2012 with the aim of giving to young dancers the opportunity of being included in the world of national and international dance.


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sunday 1 may 2022

contemporany and modern 
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sunday 1 may 2022  

classic and neoclassic
Laura Comi

Laura Comi Director of the Ballet School of Rome Opera House - Italy

Maragrita Smirnova

Maragrita Smirnova Classical Teacher of Carcano Ballet School of Milan - Italy

Gloria Grigolato

Gloria Grigolato Classical Teacher of Elmhurst School Birmingham (England)

Dino Verga

Dino Verga Vice Director and Contemporary Teacher of National Academy of Rome - Italy

Rossella Lo Sapio

Rossella Lo Sapio Classical Teacher of Ballet School San Carlo Theater Naples - Italy

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